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Transformation with Hypnosis

Client Centered for a most comfortable, acceptable, and desired outcome

Meet Gary Kuck

Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator
& Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner

I've spent over thirty years in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, tackling challenges that come with external pressures. For a long time, I felt like I was just going through the motions, chasing after goals set by others. I asked myself simple questions: Is this all I'm worth? Is this as good as life gets? These thoughts lingered, sending me into a spiral of feeling lost, down, and anxious—an emotional rollercoaster that sparked my search for meaning.

Books were my starting point. Each one shared valuable lessons on letting go and self-improvement. Some really hit home, reflecting parts of myself, while others felt like they were missing a key piece. It was clear I couldn't do this alone. So, I turned to life coaches who helped me face my negative beliefs and inner conflicts. Yet, I found myself second-guessing their advice, sometimes even holding myself back. I craved a deeper understanding.

As I kept reading, a more spiritual path unfolded. I started to consider possibilities beyond my physical existence. I met with mediums, psychics, and others I might have overlooked before. This journey sparked an interest in hypnosis, leading me to a course on Self Mastery through Autohypnosis. Here, I confronted my subconscious, and suddenly, everything started to click. The excitement of this discovery drove me to explore all aspects of hypnotherapy—learning through books, taking courses, and ultimately earning my qualification.

Seeing the ups and downs of those around me, facing the loss of loved ones, and thinking about my own mortality, I felt a pull to expand my perspective. My hope is to share the changes I've gone through, learn from others, and help them find their own paths. Ultimately, I want to guide individuals toward growth, self-improvement, and inner peace.

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My YFM Interview

Join me on YFM radio for an exclusive interview where we delve into the transformative power of hypnotherapy and its profound impact on our lives.

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Benefits of Hypnosis

Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a remarkably flexible tool for solving a range of Mental and Physical health issues

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Anxiety: At Healthy Hypnosis, we understand that anxiety can take a toll on your mental health and overall well-being. That's why our approach to hypnotherapy is centered on helping you reduce anxiety and find inner peace. With our personalized sessions, we work with you to identify the root cause of your anxiety and provide you with the tools and techniques to manage it effectively.

Fears & Phobias: If you've been struggling with a fear or phobia, our hypnotherapy can help you find relief. We believe that by addressing the root cause of your fear, we can help you overcome it in a safe, natural and effective way. Our sessions are tailored to your individual needs and our goal is to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe throughout the process.

Past Life Regression & Soul Journey: We offer past life regression and soul journey sessions to help clients explore their spirituality and gain insight into their past. At Healthy Hypnosis, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their full potential and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Smoke Cessation: If you’re ready to quit smoking and improve your overall health, Healthy Hypnosis here to help. Our hypnotherapy services include effective smoke cessation programs designed to help you succeed. With our skilled professionals by your side, you can finally achieve your health goals and live a happier, healthier life.

Weight Loss: If you're struggling with weight issues and are looking for a new approach, Healthy Hypnosis is here to help. Our hypnotherapy services are tailored to help you overcome emotional and psychological barriers to weight loss and management, while also providing practical tools and strategies for success. Our mission is to help you achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle through positive change. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey towards a healthier you!

Stress: Stress can be debilitating, but with our help, you can take control of your life and reduce the negative effects of stress. Our approach to hypnotherapy is based on holistic healing principles and focused on empowering you to achieve emotional wellbeing. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you overcome stress and improve your quality of life.


“I started seeing Gary 3 years ago, as I needed and he has helped me through the pain with the focal point being to change our thoughts and energy and allowing a different perspective.

He has helped look at life differently, where I used to be angry and have resentment towards others realising we need to move on gracefully and not be stuck in the past.

I have become more patient with others and mostly of myself.”

Tracey - Greenstone

 " I have been having issues with what I realized was CPTSD, for a while.I have a BPsych degree and have been to therapy many years ago. Unfortunately, the treatment was inevitably antidepressants and other chemicals, which are all potentially addictive.I eventually decided to explore alternate therapy ,as my symptoms were getting worse.After much research, I came upon Gary Kuck. Being a Christian, I was quite skeptical of hypnosis and the stories that came with it.I decided to call Gary and see where that led.I was pleasantly surprised that he took the time to speak to me and listened to my concerns and discussed the type of therapy that he uses.His information was very in-depth and transparent, and he also sent me some reading material which addressed my concerns.He spent in excess of 30 minutes on the phone with me and it did not cost me anything .I had not even committed to an appointment, yet, at that time.I have subsequently seen Gary for four sessions which lasted a minimum of two hours each.He made me feel very comfortable and did not rush me into anything at all.He answered all my questions with facts and besides the hypnotherapy, he took the time to listen to my issues.The hypnotherapy itself was pleasantly therapeutic. I found myself extremely relaxed and yet totally in control of my faculties and was able to respond to questions and actions.Gary was extremely helpful and showed me some coping techniques which I find work quite well.His “hypno hut” is situated in a very peaceful, safe environment and made me feel quite comfortable and secure.I believe that the therapy has helped me tremendously thus far, and I will definitely continue.I would encourage anyone who has any doubts to give it a try and see for themselves."

L S - Greenstone Edenvale

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