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2024 New Year Resolutions or Not ...

As the year 2023 wound down and another year is ushered in, most people have in their minds, what they would like the New Year to be for them. So that in the last moments of the Old Year and first embryonic moments of the New Year, a resolution is conjured up of how it's going to be different this time round.

The New Year brings with it the feeling of new opportunities, new wishes, and wants and changes. You then create your New Year's Resolution. 

Maybe this is the time to ask yourself " How did the 2023 ones fair for you? "

"How successful was I in achieving it? "

And if it did not manifest as you had wished maybe ask yourself the next probing question" How come?

What happened that it didn't work out ...or .... maybe even What did not happen ?"

This is a benefit of being a Hypnosis Practitioner, we can help and assist you to achieve the " New Year's Resolutions " you so desire.

The desire can be to lose extra body weight or start a gym practice to get into shape. 

It can be to start and stick to a better eating plan that has health benefits.

It can even be to give up a habit that has maybe for a long time not been beneficial to you like smoking or vaping.

Then there are the ones that just seem to happen automatically, like the feeling of being sad or down for no real reason at all that you can pinpoint or the anxious feeling that just comes and lingers that much longer than it should.

So let's meet and get you on track to tackle the 2024 year with some inner work, and some potential life-changing inner reflection to help and guide you to be the Best you can ever choose to be. 

Allowing you to create and bring many of the New Year wishes and wants you desire into reality and even possibly a way to accept the ones that don't materialise as maybe the timing for you to have it is just not right, right now and some patience is needed for it to happen. 

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